Since 2014, I’ve been involved in the Remakery project, an innovative new community project which is currently renovating a disused underground car- park in Brixton to create a new co-working and educational space for up-cycling waste materials. I have helped to redesign their front facade and incorporate branded signage, as well as restoring and renovating furniture for the integrated cafe and workspace.

Nice Spread

Working in Collaboration with Nice Spread ( Jess Meek and Ed Attlee), we made a suitcase-based installation for the Nice Spread 24 Hour Art Event at the Bussey Building. Focussing on Claustro-urbanism, and the increasing intensity of our physical surroundings, this Suitcase City structure formed the backdrop for a series of discussions, film screenings and talks around the subject of Skin and the City.


REMIX 2012: at the Frameless Gallery:

An exhibition and exploration of a new set of tools that allow us to remix physical objects ourselves and reinterpret our surroundings.